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As Chaiman of the Alphonse Guaymi Scholarship Fund, my job is to make sure we are using our resources—our endowment, the expertise of our staff, and the voices of our leaders—to the utmost, so that we can have the maximum possible impact on Guaymi people’s lives. And the next five years offer a historic opportunity to have an impact on the health and welfare of people in Bocas del Toro. Even in the face of very tough economic times across the globe, I am optimistic when I think about all that we can accomplish together with our your support.

I think in terms of the next five years because 2017 will be a landmark year. We will be celebrating our Centenary. In 1917, when this Mission was founded by the Rev Mortimer Surgeon by placing the 18-year old Ephraim Alphonse among the Valiente Indians as an evangelist and missionary.

In the next five years, we also have the chance to introduce a new library and a boat for transporting students, teachers and educational supplies with your support and donations.