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We have begun planning our Centenary celebration preparation to be held in June of 2017. Our Centenary Celebration wishes to honor his important contribution by strengthening the fund through your contributions and create a lasting foundation in education for the Valiente Indians.

Worldwide, more than 120 million children are unable to attend school. In Panama, like most indigenous people, illiteracy is a serious problem among the Gnobe. At [insert number here later] it is way above the national average. The Alphonse Scholarship Fund wants to make a difference in this aspect.

The motto of this project is “Changing Lives Through Education” because Rev. Ephraim Alphonse believed in education as a tool for liberation. He not only believed it but modeled
education as a lifelong quest.

We believe, as he did, that education provides children with options. Options to escape poverty, options to gain a voice in their community. Options to make a difference for the better in their own lives, their families, their community and (why not?) their country.

Our goal is to help over 450 students by the year 2017 stay in school and graduate.